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        Applied Materials demonstrates its global citizenship in part by strategically investing financial and human resources in the communities where we live and to the world around us. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Applied and its Foundation support organizations that offer services without discrimination toward any group or individual.


        • Education

          Applied Materials supports strategic education efforts focused on academic achievement, teacher professional development and specific university projects – opening opportunities for students to explore new ideas and experiences.

          Blogs about our education investments.

        • Arts and Culture

          A consistent leader in supporting arts and cultural organizations, Applied Materials invests in programs and partnerships that recognize the essential role the arts play in the community and in education.

          Blogs about our arts and culture investments.

        • Civic Engagement

          Through collaboration in local communities, Applied Materials helps meet basic needs, such as food and housing, works with youth leadership programs, and supports the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector.

          Blogs about our civic engagement investments.

        • Environment

          By investing in environmental education and community-based projects – especially those that engage employee volunteers – Applied Materials is working to build a more sustainable future around the world.

          Blogs about our environmental programs.

        • The Tech Awards — Presented by Applied Materials

          The Tech Awards recognize innovative uses of technology to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Applied also sponsors The James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award, which honors individuals whose leadership and vision positively impact humanity.

          Watch a James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award short video

        Employee Involvement

        Employees are passionate about a number of critical social issues. Applied Materials’ community involvement programs support them in making a difference around the world. The Applied Materials Foundation matches charitable donations made by employees to eligible non-governmental organizations and schools.

        Employees volunteer – as individuals or teams – for a variety of causes of interest to them including Applied’s annual North America Food Drive, regional tree plantings, and youth service programs.


        Funding Guidelines

        Applied Materials and its Foundation make community investments in Education, Arts and Culture, Civic Engagement and the Environment in regions where Applied does business.

        Download our Funding Guidelines to learn more.


        Applied Materials and its Foundation review grant requests semi- annually, with the deadlines of January 15 and June 15.

        Applications should be submitted through our online tool, using the “Apply for a Grant” button above.

        Applicants will receive a response from Applied Materials between March 15-31 or August 15-31 depending on when the request is received.

        For information email Community_Affairs@amat.com or Applied_Materials_Foundation@amat.com

        Social Responsibility in India

        Applied Materials India maintains a commitment to being socially responsible and creating a positive impact in the communities where we operate. This is reflected in our business practices and diverse programs, including creating a thriving culture for our employees and engaging in community projects.

        Read More